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May 15, 2021

The most beautiful gardens in Poland – check if you know them!

The most beautiful gardens in Poland – check if you know them!

Probably no one from my fellow countrymen will deny that Poland is a beautiful country. Not all nationalities can boast such a varied landscape, including mountains, lakes, forests or the sea. Breathtaking views can also be observed in the most beautiful gardens in Poland. There are quite a lot of such places, but we have selected for you – in our opinion – the three greatest gems. Check if you know them. Maybe one of these places will inspire you to introduce some solutions in your garden …

The most famous gardens in Poland

In almost every region, we find a place embedded in lush and colorful vegetation that takes us to a completely different era. Amazing architecture, carefully selected and nurtured flora, illuminated alleys. Some gardens hide so many attractions that we could spend the whole day looking for new “flavors”.

We especially recommend these places:

• Arcadia of Helena Radziwiłłowa,
• Łazienki Królewski
• Garden in Wilanów,
• Japanese Garden in Wrocław,
• the Saxon Garden in Warsaw and
• Park in Pszczyna.
Below, we will describe the first three of the above-mentioned proposals in more detail.

Arcadia of Helena Radziwiłł

This is probably the most famous landscape park in a romantic style. It is located about 65 km from Łódź – between Skierniewice and Łowicz. Arkadia was founded at the end of the 18th century by Helena Radziwiłł. The landscape and architecture allude to Greek antiquity.

Going for a walk along picturesque alleys, we can admire numerous ponds, streams and small waterfalls. One of the most beautiful gardens in Poland impresses with unforgettable views – it is an ideal place for lovers.

Łazienki Królewskie

A place eagerly visited by Warsaw residents and tourists – located in the city center, taking us to the times of King Stanisław August Poniatowski. The Palace on the Water looks especially special. The alleys are surrounded by over 300-year-old oaks, and in the Łazienki Park you will also find numerous ponds and romantic bridges. An interesting addition to one of the most beautiful gardens in Poland are peacocks, which proudly display their colorful tails, strolling freely in the park.

The garden in Wilanów

Let us stay in Warsaw for a while, inviting everyone to visit the Wilanów Garden. Admire the famous “Polish Versailles” in a baroque style, which at the same time combines the haughtiness of a French mansion, the warmth of a suburban Italian villa and a traditional Polish noble court. The palace was erected at the request of King Jan III Sobieski. The style of the garden, in turn, refers to antiquity, renaissance and baroque. The numerous alleys are surrounded by flower arrangements, extremely well-kept lawns and delightful fountains. Quite a popular place to rest, also rightly considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Poland.

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