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May 9, 2021

Electric cars don’t have to be boring – meet the most luxurious electric cars

Electric cars don’t have to be boring – meet the most luxurious electric cars

Today, nobody is shocked by electric power in vehicles anymore. Technology has gained full momentum since the first electric car was produced. Electric cars are no longer associated with a weak engine and poor performance.

Luxury electric cars, in turn, with their equipment and parameters, take us back in time to the future, delighting with their appearance and technological innovations. Let’s take a closer look at selected models of exclusive electric vehicles.

Why is it worth considering buying an electric car?

There are three reasons: first – ecology, second – economy, third – silence.

1. While electric vehicles are more expensive to buy, the cost of their operation is definitely lower than the combustion or diesel counterparts.

2. Electric cars are produced with the environment in mind – they do not emit harmful exhaust gases (CO2) into the atmosphere.

3. Electric motors work quietly, incomparably quieter in relation to the loud and “clattering” diesel.

Gone are the days when the range of an electric motor’s battery only allowed for short trips around the house, and it took longer to recharge than the trip itself. Currently, some models are able to cover up to 600 km without the necessity to stop for “refueling” (Tesla S), which now takes an average of 25 minutes for every 100 km of the route.

Guide to luxury electric cars

More and more manufacturers decide to build electric cars in response to the needs of their customers. Also, enthusiasts of luxury models can choose from the offers of electric vehicles.

We present 2, in our opinion, the most noteworthy premium models:

• Porsche Taycan
• Pininfarina Battista

Porsche Taycan

Taycan is offered in power versions from 300 kW to even 560 kW. The acceleration to 100 km / h ranges from 5.4 seconds (basic version) to 2.9 seconds (Turbo S Cross Turismo). The range on a single charge under optimal conditions is up to 416 km. The model impresses with its timeless design (flyline design). Prices start from PLN 389,000 (basic equipment).

Pininfarina Battista

The special feature of this model is, above all, the limited production – only 150 were produced in 2020. The range on a single charge is about 450 km. The engine power is almost 1900 hp. The price per piece oscillates around EUR 2 million. The maximum speed of the vehicle was limited by the manufacturer to 350 km / h. Admittedly, this is a fairly high bar for luxury electric car models.

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