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May 9, 2021

Yoga – is it worth it? Types of Yoga.

Yoga – is it worth it? Types of Yoga.

Constant work and stress – the domains of working people in the 21st century. In pursuit of a career and money, we usually forget about our own needs, which is keeping the balance between body and mind. In these busy times, peace and harmony turn out to be a luxury. This is where yoga can help. Check with us the advantages of practicing this form of activity and choose the type of yoga suited to you.

What is yoga?

Yoga comes from India and is defined as the path of self-development, leading to liberation and union with the Absolute. This is one of the oldest philosophical systems known to mankind.

Practicing yoga involves performing certain asanas (poses). The second technique is called pranayama, whose primary task is to control the breath.

Mantra and meditation techniques are also often used as part of the exercises.

When practicing yoga, you concentrate on your body and breathing. You perform the various asanas slowly, without rushing, synchronizing your movements with the correct pace of your breathing. Focusing on yourself allows you to cut yourself off from the environment, for a moment to forget about the surrounding dilemmas and responsibilities. It’s time here and now for you.

Types of Yoga

Depending on the desired results, you can choose a specific type of yoga. We suggest you choose from the three most popular.

Why is yoga worth practicing?

Yoga is not only a way to calm down and concentrate on yourself. There are many more benefits of practicing this form of activity, both for the body and the mind. Why is yoga worth doing?

What is needed to practice yoga?

You can do the exercises during group activities or at home. All you need is a comfortable outfit, an exercise mat and… peace and quiet. It is recommended to separate from any outside sounds, for example by including the sounds of birds singing or quiet relaxing music.

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