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May 10, 2021

Luxurious commodity – a dream. Why is it important?

Luxurious commodity – a dream. Why is it important?

A statistical Pole spends 25-35% of his life in bed. We often do not realize how important a good-quality sleep is for our body. Deficiency can worsen the quality of our life, while in extreme cases, long-term lack of sleep will lead to serious health consequences. Why is sleep so important?

The brain never sleeps

When you go to sleep, your brain is still working. The brain is a mine of information, a data library. During sleep, there is an increased reconstruction of cells, which can be described as a cleansing process for the mind. This means that new synapses (nerve connections) are produced and the rudder is removed when it is not needed. There are “places” for new memories.

Sleep disturbances disrupt this process, contributing to memory loss, deterioration in concentration and well-being, as well as temporary “disconnection” of the brain – hence so many accidents among professional drivers.

It is worth adding that sleep is also a time of regeneration and rebuilding of our tissues and muscles.

The whole body is at rest. Important amines and hormones are also produced during this time.

The negative effects of sleep deprivation

Remember that what matters when it comes to sleep is not so much its length as its quality. Our need for sleep decreases with age, which is why newborns sleep up to 20 hours a day, while the elderly only need 5-6 hours to fully regenerate.

So what negative effects of sleep deprivation can you observe?

What influences the quality of sleep?

All! Most of all, however, lifestyle, stimulants and stress. Certainly, the quality of sleep is influenced by the immediate environment, but also by the rituals we devote ourselves to before it.

What can I do to sleep better?

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