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May 17, 2021

Beautiful body – how to take care of your body before the bikini season?

Beautiful body – how to take care of your body before the bikini season?

The warmer and longer days herald the arrival of summer, and that means only one thing – the bikini season is approaching! We are more willing to reveal the body, exposing it to the sun. Are you ready to parade along the beach in your swimsuit? If you think that it is too late to take action that will improve the condition of your body and skin – please calm down, you still have time! Check what you can do to enjoy a beautiful body in a short time in the bikini season.

Firm and moisturized skin

Before you expose your body to the sun, it is worth preparing it properly. For this purpose, perform a body scrub twice a week. You have at your disposal:

During mechanical peeling, you use the so-called scrubs, i.e. rough, lumpy substances or special devices (sponge, pumice). You can do this kind of activity yourself at home. In turn, chemical peeling (also called enzymatic peeling) is based on the use of regenerative properties of chemicals (e.g. salicylic acid). Physical peeling uses advanced technological solutions such as laser, dry ice, and nitrous oxide. This method works well also in the case of small scars, discoloration or wrinkles, which will be less visible after such treatment.

Another issue is proper skin hydration.

Use firming lotions – they tighten the skin, increase its elasticity, improve the overall condition.

The skin becomes less flaccid. Firm is associated with youth, so let your skin regain its former glow.

If you’re concerned about exposing pale skin, consider using bronzing lotions. They are not harmful to the body, unlike self-tanners or tanning beds. They give the skin a natural brown shade, leaving no streaks. They also make an ordinary tan last longer on the skin.

Cellulite – how to get rid of it?

The bane of most women, even those who exercise regularly. To reduce the visibility and presence of cellulite, follow these rules.

How else can you take care of your body?

To help your body improve its condition, you can also opt for treatments in professional beauty salons. Especially worth considering are: laser hair removal (to remove unwanted hair), endermology (combating cellulite) and cryolipolysis (freezing out as a method of fighting fat).

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