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May 18, 2021

Live cooking – the art of live cooking

Live cooking – the art of live cooking

Access to the Internet, and thus also thousands of recipes, means that nowadays cooking ceases to be a sad necessity, turning into pure pleasure and in a way to interestingly organize free time. What is live cooking and in what circumstances can we encounter this phenomenon?

Live cooking – what is it and how was it created?

Live cooking in practice, it may take the form of workshops or culinary shows (also available online or on TV) or a show treated as an attraction for an order placed in a restaurant.

The first radio broadcast devoted to the culinary workshop took place in 1926 in the United States. The very idea of ​​live cooking quickly gained popularity in the 1980s, when Asian chefs “went out to the guests”, presenting them with a spectacular demonstration of the process of creating the dishes they selected.

Live cooking as a kind of show

The popularity of such activity results mainly from the possibility of contact between the participant and the chef.

We have a unique chance to see with our own eyes how our favorite dish is made. Live cooking currently takes various forms, as it can take the form of:

• a culinary workshop, during which participants can prepare a meal on their own thanks to the chef’s instructions;
• cooking show – during the show, the chef presents the recipe from scratch, presents the products used (always fresh and personally selected by the cook), shares tips on how to season or decorate the tableware;
• form of attraction – the so-called open kitchen – we can observe the cook at work, but without participating in the process of preparing the dish; alternatively, we can order a live cooking service for all kinds of special events (private and business).

Where can we use the live cooking service?

If cooking is your passion and you would like to explore your culinary knowledge under the watchful eye of a well-known chef, ask in your favorite restaurant about the possibility of preparing a dinner with a chef. You can be sure that the products selected by him will always be fresh and of the highest quality.

The possibility of hiring a private chef turns out to be an equally interesting form, especially after a hard day at work, when you do not have the head to buy and prepare a filling and healthy dish. It is the cook who will bring the necessary products, cutlery and cutlery, and while cooking together, you will gain many valuable tips, soothe your nerves and finally prepare a delicious meal.

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