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May 18, 2021

Modern barn – a popular style of building houses

Modern barn – a popular style of building houses

The barn house is gaining more and more popularity. The minimalist shape and the return to tradition, with the simultaneous use of the latest technological solutions, make this structure a unique and delightful place, and at the same time energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
What characterizes a modern barn house?
The name of the modern barn refers to the actual structure of the building, based on rural farm buildings. Once considered a practical, but not very sophisticated place, today it gains in the eyes of developers and users as an elegant and timeless home.
Characteristic features for the construction of a modern barn are:
• gable roof, devoid of eaves and other decorations;
• large glazing, especially on the south side;
• façade finished with natural materials (wood, stone);
• ubiquitous minimalism – outside, but also inside;
• single-unit buildings (although there are also multi-unit buildings), with one or maximum two storeys (the second is a usable attic) – rectangular form;
• spacious interiors – most often the building is divided into a living area (a large open living room with a kitchen, possibly a dining room) and a bedroom;
• high living room – in the case of resignation from the usable part of the attic.
A modern barn – simplicity, functionality, energy-saving
A simple single-body structure, minimizing the number of bends and obstructions, allows for easier heat retention inside the house, and large glazing, equipped with additional thermal insulation, minimizes the chance of creating thermal bridges through which the heat can escape.
The rectangular form allows the construction of a modern barn, even on narrow plots. The originality of the structure, sometimes stylized as historic, is added by modern solutions and facade finishing elements. Muted shades of white and gray predominate, giving the building elegance. The interiors are often finished with raw brick, wood, stone and concrete.
Neither the interior nor the exterior is rich in decorations. The essence is in properly selected, functional accessories, but there cannot be too many of them – in accordance with the principles of minimalist style.

The glazing is left without curtains or curtains, or it is equipped with arcades matching the style of the building, roller blinds or external awnings. In this case, it is in contact with nature. From the windows we are to look at the nearby landscape. And although a modern barn will also work in the city, it will fit perfectly in rural areas, especially with a view of the nearby hills or hills.

A simple structure, glazing on the south side, modern finishing elements – all this allows you to create an energy-saving or passive house, thanks to which you will feel even more close to nature.

A house in the style of a modern barn – a solution for seekers of taste and elegance.

If you are still wondering whether a house in the style of a modern barn will be suitable for you, let its versatile use, the possibility of interesting spatial arrangements, and above all harmony and elegance, which you will get thanks to the dominant minimalism, convince you.

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