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May 20, 2021

Best Casino & Gambling Themed Movies

Best Casino & Gambling Themed Movies

The casinos all around the world have found their place not just for the gamblers but also the movie industry that makes their films interesting. The liveliness, glamour, thrilling games and money bets fit perfectly into the drama one needs to design their movies. This is the reason why many movies have added a level of excitement by creating scenes around a casino in progress.

Today one doesn’t need to go to a Las Vegas Casino to experience the best casino slots in UK, these gambling themed movies can be your dose of entertainment.

Ocean’s Eleven

There is no doubt that movie series was one of the early adapters of the lively environment of a Las Vegas casino. Ocean’s Eleven popular for its starcast i.e. George Clooney and Brad Pitt is also known for its glamorous yet thrilling story plot. It started off in 1960 depicting a gang of members who planned a robbery in a leading Vegas casino. The journey continued with more interesting story in 2001 with Steven Soderburgh doing the remake. It is but an interesting movie series to watch when you want to experience the best casino in Las Vegas.

The sting

Set on a story of a man seeking revenge for the death of his partner, this movie, The Sting takes a deeper dive into the casino culture. There are thrilling games, tense moments, interesting drills and a brilliant starcast like Robert Shaw, Charles Durning, George Hill Roy etc to catch a glimpse of. The movie premiered in the year 1973 and has set standards for the intellectual and brilliantly shot drama.


The 1995 casino directed by Martin Scorcese was a movie that delved into the casino life with interesting insights. The story is about a man named Ace Rothstein who was a mobster and went to Las Vegas to operate Tangiers Casino. The leading man was played by Robert De Niro. With Sharon Stone the drug addict wife, and Joe Pesci as the friend (mobster) the story unveils a world of violence, thief, thrill and a interesting take on how life is inside a casino. With a lot of thrilling games to find in action, the movie takes you through the brighter aspect of the top casinos in Las Vegas.


Starring Matt Damon, the 1998 Rounders was a perfect example of how casino lovers return to casino again and again. The story revolves around a man Mike McDermott who has been one of the best poker players in the world. He eventually quits playing poker in casinos and concentrates on his career by completing his studies in law school. It is then that his friend Worm (Edward Norton) is released out of prison and asks Mike to play a few games of Poker to repay his loan to the big gamblers. Mike returns to the casino and the story builds up around the games and thrill of the casino life.

Be you a gambler or a movie buff – these casino themed movies are surely a shot of entertainment you have been looking for!

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