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July 12, 2021



What seemed to be the pinnacle of technological progress 10 years ago is today considered a relic. Continuous research and development in the field of electronics cause delight among users. Nobody is surprised anymore with a 60-inch TV set on the wall, although until recently 32 inches were the pinnacle of dreams. Do you know what the largest TV produced looks like? How many inches does it have and what can it surprise you with?

When size matters …

They say “size doesn’t matter.” This phrase is completely wrong with electronics. When the first technological boom took place, mobile phones looked like bricks, did not charm with their design, not to mention very limited possibilities (apart from the basic function, i.e. making and receiving calls). The time has come to “slim down” electronics – processors and batteries took up less and less space, while screens grew larger before the eyes. Today, the standard is a 6-inch display with a resolution no less than HD.

The same thing happened with televisions. Over time, the devices became lighter, narrower, more shapely, designer and aesthetic. More and more often you can see models almost without frames in the store, just to gain in the size of the screen. By mounting such equipment on the wall, the TV becomes not so much a device as a decorative element with a dynamic image.

Samsung and its largest TV in the world

During ISE 2020 (Integrated Systems Europe) in Amsterdam, Samsung presented a powerful microLED TV, called by the manufacturer “The Wall”.

Just do not fall off the chair – the diagonal of this model is as much as 583 inches, which is less than 15 meters (exactly 14.8)!

It is worth mentioning that the previous The Wall presented by Samsung had a diagonal of 292 inches, so the difference between the devices is enormous.

What distinguishes the TV from The Wall series? It is primarily the microLED technology used and other accessories that give this equipment elegance and modernity, showing the direction in which innovation should go.

MicroLED is a self-emission technology – this means it does not require a backlight (unlike LCD).
The frameless screen blends in with the surroundings.
MicroLED panels are characterized by a high level of brightness, black (contrast), as well as color saturation.
MicroLED is also a modular system – each tile has a size of 80.64 x 45.36 x 7.22 cm, displaying the image at a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. If you have the need (and the resources), you can purchase modules to increase the screen area. In one tile you will find millions of microLED LEDs, each 0.37 mm in size.

The maximum resolution offered by the manufacturer is 8K Ultra HD.

Other functions

What else does The Wall offer, apart from its monstrous size? A number of modern solutions, including:

We don’t know the price of The Wall TV. The 146-inch 4K model costs about PLN 2 million, so we assume that the value of a device that is almost four times larger will be much higher. Samsung’s assumption is to sell the 583-inch version to companies or very wealthy private individuals.

The world’s largest 4K TV – C Seed 262

Maybe you will be interested in a slightly smaller model of LED TV with 4K resolution. Meet C Seed 262 – a TV with a diagonal of “only” 262 inches, or about 6.65 m. The price is considerable – the TV costs 539 thousand dollars (excluding the cost of installing a device weighing 798 kg).

First, a few words about the manufacturer. C SEED Entertainment Systems was established in 2009 in Vienna. Its founders are former Bang & Olufsen managers. C Seed produces the so-called luxurious electronics, characterized by minimalist design and craftsmanship, using modern technology.

Let’s go back to the 262 model – what does it offer and who is it intended for?

As the producer himself pointed out, the main goal of producing such a large TV set is the possibility of creating high-quality home theater.

C Seed 201 the world’s largest extendable outdoor TV

The same manufacturer is the creator of the largest unfold outdoor TV    designe by Porshe Designe Studio.The panels interlock to form a seamless TV screen that bursts into action with revolutionary pixel power for ultra-high resolution images in any daylight environment, including direct sunshine.

Each of the over 2,963,520 MicroLEDs processes image data up to 100,000 times per second, enabling the C SEED 201 to display 64 billion radiant colors.

No other tv technology generates such an extraordinary color spectrum with similar precision and reliability. With the same ease, the widescreen tv C SEED 201 submerges into the ground for space saving storage when not in use – a masterpiece!



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