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August 19, 2021



Teleporting to Italy is now possible, and not only gastronomically. You will find the authentic flavour of traditional Italian cuisine twice over on the Costa del Sol. With its two locations, in the heart of Malaga, Calle Keromnes 4 in Malaga and Pje. Alcalde Valderrama 6 in Benalmádena, La Pala D’Oro is a restaurant philosophy based on Italian haute cuisine thanks to the expert hands of the chefs. Under the concept of “Non Stop” gourmet cuisine they will make you live a unique culinary experience that you will want to repeat again and again.

The flirtatious, romantic design and attention to detail create a perfect atmosphere, a relaxed and ideal atmosphere for a getaway with your partner, meeting with friends or family and enjoying its gastronomy. This is not just another Italian restaurant where the pizza and pasta binomial occupies its entire culinary offer. Without detracting from this type of dishes, they go further and play with other lesser-known recipes characteristic of Italian gastronomy. Their commitment is based on authenticity, produce and tradition, renewing the menu from time to time to adapt their culinary proposal to seasonal products.

But it is not only their exquisite dishes that transport you to Italy, but also their wines. They have a wide selection of Italian wines of their own production (Astoriavinos.es), among which are several wines awarded as the best Prosecco of Italy. Produced in their own Estate in Refrontolo (Italy), the heart of the DOCG CONEGLIANO – VALDOBBIADENE area, their wines allow us to discover the flavour of Italy like nowhere else in Spain, to get to know the tones, different aromas, flavours that characterise it and to discover why Italian wine is so famous.

A love story

The history of La Pala D’Oro is closely linked to the history of its owner, Sandro Spoladore. A businessman from the north of Italy who found love in the eyes of a Spanish woman and decided to come to the south of Spain to live with her and make it his home. Very soon he also fell in love with this land, its gastronomy, its climate, the character of its people and its customs. In a short time he felt at home in Spain.

However, he felt that he was still missing something, somehow he felt incomplete. The longing for his native Italy awoke an idea that gradually took shape, to bring a little piece of his beloved Italy to us. And how to bring Italy to the Costa del Sol? Through the second love of his life, gastronomy. The best way to feel one’s own land, remembering it at every lunch and dinner.

Sandro thus began his dream and as a result La Pala D’Oro was born, a restaurant with which he could share with everyone a little piece of his soul, a creation that makes him proud.

Gastronomy with the 5 senses

Cooking is a total art. The smell of a dish or the taste of a wine has the power to transport us to other places in our lives, awakening beautiful moments in our minds, recalling situations, people and even landscapes.

The gastronomic offer of La Pala D’Oro is wide, based on traditional cuisine and on the selection of quality ingredients to offer fresh products, giving rise to a varied menu that proposes pizzas, pastas, risottos, meats, starters, etc. All marked with the corresponding allergen information, although as it is a fresh cuisine prepared on the spot they can adapt the dishes to any allergy or intolerance.

A whole gastronomic display to enjoy a total culinary experience, where all five senses participate. In addition to experiencing an incredible paradise of sensations through their food, the general ambience of both restaurants has been thought out in detail with the aim of making you relax and feel so at ease that you can finish your delight.

La Pala D’Oro was born with the aim of bringing us closer to the neighbouring country and taste the authentic flavour of traditional Italian cuisine in a different way, thanks to the expert hands of the founder Sandro Spoladore. With a relaxed atmosphere, in Malaga and Benalmádena they present their philosophy of gourmet gastronomy “Non Stop”, a fresh cuisine prepared at the moment with seasonal ingredients that allows us to savour pizzas, pastas, risottos or meats. The dishes can be adapted to any type of food allergy or intolerance and they also bring from Italy a selection of wines of their own production. La Pala D’Oro is undoubtedly an experience to enjoy with all five senses and to fall even more in love, if possible, with beautiful Italy.

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