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September 9, 2021



Not everyone knows what lithotherapy and chromotherapy are. Lithotherapy is healing with stones, chromotherapy is healing with colours. Belief in the magical power of stones and colours has been with us for centuries. For some it is just a story for gullible people, for others, it is an important part of taking care of physical and mental health. Today, both lithotherapy and chromotherapy are present in the offer of many modern SPA centres. One of them is the renowned Four Seasons Resort Bali Jimbaran Bay Hotel. The autumn and winter period encourages trips to places with warmer climates, and Indonesia is a particularly attractive location.

When Four Seasons Resort Bali opened its new Spa Healing Village, it introduced revolutionary treatments using colour and crystal therapy, and designed special spa suites using their effects on wellbeing. One suite is enclosed from natural light for an immersive colour experience and features a massage bed made from heated crushed quartz crystal, while another is equipped with a rainbow eco-vichy shower that simultaneously bathes the body in water and colour. Therapists have also undergone intensive training with certified Aura-Soma practitioner Patricia Grace on the vibrational power of colour to help guests release emotional blockages.

“Colour has long been associated with emotional energy – think about consciously choosing colours for sports teams, national flags, brand logos, or those moments when you inexplicably feel that a particular colour is just right for you,” – says Luisa Anderson, regional spa director for Four Seasons Bali, Maldives, Thailand and Vietnam. “At The Healing Village Spa we have used colour and crystals to create the perfect environment for deeper relaxation and immersion of the senses, and this is something that people can also more consciously incorporate into their daily lives.”

Here Luisa shares her tips on how to harness the benefits of colour and crystal energy at home:

In the wardrobe:

Making a conscious choice about what colour clothes and/or crystals to wear on different occasions can help you feel confident and be prepared for whatever the day brings. “To help with everyday choices, consider the colour choices of your wardrobe and listen to your inner voice that says: I really want to wear this blue dress!” says Luisa.

In the living room:

Start with a neutral base for the floor and sofa, then build up layers of colour with cushions and rugs. You can have several options and swap them out from time to time. Crystals can also enhance your décor and mood – pieces made from crystal, agate, are known to relieve stress while also making great decor.

In the kitchen:

Make conscious decisions about the colour of fresh fruit or vegetables in a prominent place in the kitchen and maximise the effect in the dishes you serve. Luisa also recommends a water bottle set with gemstones.

In the Bedroom:

To improve sleep quality, choose calming colours such as white, pale pink and soft earth tones and keep a crystal nearby. “I place an amethyst next to my bed, I feel it helps me enter a rejuvenating phase while I sleep,” says Luisa. If you want to amp up the romantic vibes, place a rose quartz crystal in the right-hand corner, known as the relationship corner.

On the body:

Rose quartz placed on the heart (or even in the top pocket) is believed to stimulate the anahata (heart chakra) and promote peace and forgiveness. Carnelian is often worn as a bracelet or other piece of jewellery to boost confidence and creativity. Holding a charged amethyst crystal in the left hand during meditation can help deepen commitment and focus.

The power of flowers:

Flower arrangements are another way to add colour and enhance the vibration of the crystal. Pink rose combines with rose quartz, which represents unconditional love; orange chrysanthemum goes hand in hand with carnelian; hydrangea or lavender support amethyst in promoting a serene and calming environment.

Don’t forget the charger:

Fortunately, your crystals are powered by nature. To charge and cleanse your crystal, simply place it outside at the full moon and leave it overnight. You can do this anytime you feel the need for a fresh surge of natural energy.

What is your colour?

According to Balinese philosophy, each day of the week is associated with a specific colour and chakra. Knowing the day you were born on can reveal dominant qualities that people can be aware of and keep in balance to maintain peace and harmony for themselves and their community.

A brief guide to colours

Black | Characteristics: Infinite possibilities, unlimited potential, hidden rainbow; alleviates invisibility and doubt | Balinese Calendar Day: Monday

credit: For Seasons

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