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October 4, 2021



We all like to surround ourselves with a pleasant scent, but many of us ask ourselves how to perfume ourselves to smell long. When we buy a new bottle of perfume, it’s normal to want each spray to last all day. The reason is simple; everyone wants to smell amazing from the moment they leave the house, to the moment they step into the shower after a long day. Unfortunately, even if you buy a very expensive perfume (we wrote about the most expensive perfumes here: the most expensive perfumes in the world), you may find that their wonderful scent doesn’t last beyond lunchtime.

When the scent becomes undetectable, we can lose confidence and are right to feel disappointed.  Fortunately, there are creative ways around these problems. Here are useful tips on how to apply perfume for long-lasting results.

1. don’t mix incompatible fragrances

On the surface, it may seem like a good idea to buy beauty products from different brands. You get the best of different worlds. Also, you should never put all your eggs in one basket, right? Well, in this case, that statement doesn’t quite apply. Your lotion, bath soap, essential oils and perfume should all smell similar.

If your bath soap smells citrusy, your lotion is fruity, and at the same time your perfume is oriental, the different scents will clash. If possible, the lotion should be lightly perfumed or have no scent at all. This is easy to achieve when most or all of the products are one brand. Check where you can buy matching fragrances, makeup and skincare products from your favourite brands. It’s easier to buy all your skincare products from shops that offer a wide range of products from the same brand, answering the question of how to perfume yourself will be easier too.

2. check the perfume concentrate

Some perfume buyers want to know what they are actually going to apply on their body. They have a habit of checking the ingredients of the products they buy, looking for allergens or any harmful substances. This habit is very beneficial. Imagine buying a perfume with synthetic fragrances without knowing about the dangers involved.

In the same way that you proceed when buying food products, for example by checking expiry dates or ingredients on the packaging, you can proceed when buying a new bottle of perfume. As well as checking for inconsistencies or harmful ingredients, it can be very helpful to check the perfume to alcohol ratio. Perfumes with a high concentration of alcohol will not last as long as fragrances containing more perfume concentrate.

3. apply on bare skin

The idea of spraying perfume on clothes is a smart one, as the fibres of the clothes retain the scents for a longer period of time. However, it’s better to spray more on your skin because the scent lasts longer on moisturised skin. If you spray just the clothes for the day, the fabric may retain the scent for a long time, but when you start sweating, the clothes won’t stop the natural odours from taking centre stage. So, try both or spraying perfume directly on your body, preferably right after a shower when your skin is damp. Don’t do this in the bathroom though, the steam is bad for fragrance and perfume longevity.

4. use petroleum jelly

Once you know what type of perfume is best for you, the next step is to buy the right moisturiser. Petroleum jelly is one option, or it can be an unscented body lotion with petroleum jelly added. Not only does petroleum jelly keep your skin smooth and soft, it also works great as a scent stopper. How do you perfume yourself using petroleum jelly? – It’s best to apply it to the area where you can feel your pulse.

5. know your perfume

Many people do not know what types of perfume there are. This is another reason why many feel disappointed after paying a lot of money for a particular fragrance. Few people become familiar with the terms associated with perfumes. In fact, most of these terms will save you a lot of time, stress and money.

If you know the top, middle and base notes, there won’t even be a need to test a perfume before buying it. These notes explain which scents appear first but fade quickly (top notes), which develop after the top notes fade (middle/heart notes), and the strongest scent that appears last but lasts the longest (base notes).

6 How to apply the perfume

The best way is to apply a mist of fragrance on your wrists, the inside of your forearms (if they are uncovered) and around your carotid artery. On windy days, spraying perfume on your hair has a great effect.


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