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October 24, 2021



Caring for our loved ones, and especially caring for our parents after retirement, is something that many of us devote or will devote part of our lives to. As you get older, some activities may be difficult for your parents to do, they will need help on a daily basis. Whether you visit your parents regularly in their home or they have moved in with you, caring for your loved ones can have a significant impact on the level of stress in your life, and with that stress comes guilt.

Don’t feel guilty

It is important that you do not let guilt affect your life. Although this new aspect of your life is something that you may feel obligated to do or that means a lot to you, it is still important that you take care of yourself and live your life. In caring for your parents after retirement, it will help if you are mentally and physically well.

Your parents are unlikely to want you to rack yourself with guilt about looking after them, after they have nurtured and cared for you for many years to make you happy in your life.

Admit when you need help

Caring for a loved one can require a lot of time , especially if they have mobility problems or need regular supervision. You will not always have the capacity to balance your working life, caring for your family, especially your children, with the activities that support your parents on a daily basis.  Your family and working life may suffer and elderly care may not be sufficient. No one can cope alone with all the responsibilities that arise.

There is no shame in seeking help in this area. Nursing homes can evoke bad associations, and they shouldn’t. Seeking quality home care for your parents is a great idea that will help keep your mental health in order and make it easier for you to find the time to take care of everything properly. At the same time, you’ll be assured that your parents are safe and happy. The downside is that home care can be quite expensive, but there are ways in which you can ensure that you can help fund it. It is important not to dismiss the possibility of a nursing home stay, it may be the best solution for your parents. Proper medical, nursing and rehabilitation care every day in other settings would be virtually impossible. The presence of people of a similar age and the opportunity to talk to each other will have a positive impact on your parent’s mental wellbeing.

Be open with others

Being open with other carers and family members can help you to allay fears and let go of anxieties, while allowing you to get tips and advice to help you improve your level of care. Not only this, talking to others can help you feel less alone in a sometimes difficult situation. Finding people who understand what you are going through can be very helpful.

Seek flexibility at work

As well as being open with friends and others in a similar situation, it is important that you discuss your situation with your employer. If you need a little more freedom and time off to keep your parents safe and happy, you may need to take advantage of more flexibility at work. Nowadays, many companies are more lenient on such issues, as it is widely believed that this helps to maintain the physical and mental health of employees. Approach your employer and be clear about what you need to provide quality care for your parents while still doing your job properly.

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