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November 4, 2021



Special arrangement of spaces for sale is nothing new – it is the best way to show the potential of a property, to point out its superlatives, and at the same time to stimulate the imagination of those interested. Increasingly, however, in addition to interior design, simple furniture or plants are used as art to enliven the space in a completely different way, giving it a luxurious feel. Does this increase sales effectiveness and the value of the property?

A subliminal message from the threshold of the interior

It goes without saying that the magic of the first impression applies not only to newly met people, but also to places. It is also extremely important in relation to the real estate trade. The way a property is presented, the associations and emotions it evokes, already at the entrance, have a huge impact on how its interior is perceived. That is why crossing the threshold of a new home should be like stepping over the threshold into another world. It must represent the value of the place and the time you can spend in it.

This is precisely the purpose of using art in the arrangement of luxury interiors – to increase their value – not only material, but without concretisation, maintaining neutrality. In a word – exclusive accessories are to create a mood, affect feelings without being pushy and suggesting direction, so that a potential client can form his own meaning of a given place. Add-ons are supposed to say “come on in, this might be the place for you”. It is a subtle message to be read, both literally and emotionally.

Art as a marketing strategy

Using works of art – paintings, sculptures, unique decorations to arrange an interior for sale, significantly affects its perception. It is not only about decoration, but about a clear suggestion that this is an exclusive, sophisticated place, ideal to surround oneself not only with what is necessary, but above all with values, and therefore with something even more valuable. After all, art, understood as an expression of expression, a unique combination of emotions, imagination and action, is always an added value, and investing in it is considered a luxury. Exclusive decorations may therefore be a perfect showcase – first of the interior and then of its owner. Introducing works of art as elements that increase the value of a property can also relate directly to the demand of a potential buyer, who is looking for a suitable place to display their collection.

Therefore, it can be an important element of marketing when selling a property, arousing the interest of customers who place a premium on quality; who expect the ideal conditions from a property not only for living comfort, but also to emphasise their personality or status.

A nod to the discerning, or how art sells emotions and space

Sublime additions influence the imagination. They show the property’s potential
and emphasise its unique architectural features and design possibilities. The use of large walls to exhibit a painting, the use of broken forms as space for avant-garde installations or the use of reflective materials to emphasise the essence of light points to the property as a place perfectly suited for higher purposes – the free expression of expression and the creation of new aesthetic impressions.

An interior filled with works of art, chosen appropriately to the spatial possibilities, presented to a potential client not only represents the rank of the property, but also refers to the “level” represented by the interested party. Showing him other than utilitarian values of the premises, is a suggestion that he is not an ordinary user, but someone who certainly has a sophisticated vision of the arrangement and will appreciate the possibilities offered by the presented space. Such a distinction can establish a positive relationship between contractors, which is also an important factor in the real estate trade.

The value of luxury real estate – does the use of artwork in the presentation affect it?

If you want to sell a property, you have to present it from the best possible side and point out all its advantages. Art can definitely help with that, although it is such a relative term and subject to various interpretations that it is difficult to talk about “material value”. The only exception to this rule are turnkey properties, ready to move into, where the artworks are part of the furnishing included in the price – in this case the value of the property is much higher. What about artbranding – arranging the interior with borrowed accessories? This is a frequent and popular practice, which is extremely effective in visually increasing the value of a property. Works of art enliven an empty space and appeal to the sensibility and aesthetics of the potential buyer. Perhaps this would not be possible using only imagination and empty walls. When art is used during the sale of a property, it helps to create a perspective on a certain lifestyle and clearly indicates the class and exclusivity of a place, enriching it with insights into higher values. Hence, it can be a helpful marketing tool to influence the effectiveness of the luxury real estate trade.

Anna Stravinska Luxury Boutique Magazine

This article appeared in the November/December 2021 issue of Strefa Nieruchomości magazine.

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