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November 20, 2021



Recognising a luxury interior is usually not difficult even for a person unfamiliar with design and finishing.  One of the characteristics of luxury interiors is the presence of design icons, which usually have some history behind them or were designed by a famous designer. However, furniture pieces and accessories are not the only things that make design luxurious. Everything should be prepared and organised in a thoughtful way, taking into account the smallest details to make the interior outstanding.

If you want to create a luxurious interior in your apartment, home or restaurant, you should consider the help of professional designers. Even people who are gifted and have an idea of luxury décor need someone to translate their vision into a concrete design, find the right finishing materials and contractors who provide quality services.

Luxury interior design style

Design styles such as classic, modern and high-tech are very well known as they are commonly used in the design of apartments, hotels and restaurants. When it comes to luxury design, there is no clear-cut style that can characterise it. Nevertheless, designers usually refer to the art deco and eclectic styles when it comes to the concept of decor and furnishing a luxury apartment.

Art deco style

The art deco style is often used in the design of luxury apartments because it involves the use of exclusive, natural materials. Glass, wood, leather, stainless steel or stone tiles are an integral part of the art deco style. When it comes to colour combinations, art deco is mainly based on standard colours such as white, black, grey, beige and brown.

Eclectic style

When it comes to the eclectic style, its name comes from the philosophical teaching that involves the harmonious combination of dissimilar elements. In luxury interiors, the eclectic style assumes that finishing materials and furniture come from different design styles. This harmonious combination makes the interior look grand and unique.

Luxury interior design is associated not only with a specific design style, but also with the concept of combining colours and organising space. It is very important that every object is in its place and does not overwhelm the apartment with an excess of decor elements or furniture. The choice of natural colours plays a great role, because the combination of colours creates that elegance that is typical of luxury apartments.

Rare, iconic furniture for luxury interiors

To make your design look really outstanding, you can consider acquiring some iconic furniture. These can be found in vintage markets or in the collections of art connoisseurs. Here are 5 rare, iconic pieces of furniture that are sure to make your interior truly luxurious.

Venetian chairs from the 20th century

This furniture was very common in the palaces of the Veneto region of Italy in the middle of the last century. They represent elegance and splendour, so they can certainly become a unique element of your luxury interior. You can place them in your living room, study or even bedroom.

These Venetian chairs are made of wood with Italian fabric covering the seat cushion. The three legs of each chair are lacquered and painted with a gold tone dye.

If you want to enhance your art deco interior design, then these Venetian chairs will be the right choice. Since the hallmark of the art deco style is the use of natural materials and organic colours, wooden chairs in brown and gold tones would fit in perfectly.

Classic Vitra Panton chair

Famous among luxury lovers, the Panton chair was developed by the famous designer Vermos Panton in the 1960s. It is a one-piece moulded chair that provides special comfort to its users and adds a chic touch to the interior. Together with Vitra, the design of the Panton chair was made of particularly high-quality plastic.

The Vitra Panton chair looks great because its quality is exceptional. Therefore, it can be an indispensable element of any interior made in modern, high-tech, art deco, eclectic or minimalist style.

Mahogany Regency bookcase

This piece of furniture is particularly exclusive, as it was made over 200 years ago, this bookcase is considered rare. As a result, it will make your interior absolutely luxurious, no matter what design style you prefer.

The Regency bookcase was made in the Gillows workshop in Lancaster, England. It is made using Cuban mahogany with ebony inlays that add to the overall elegance.

This piece of furniture is undeniably luxurious as it recalls the 19th century era, the time in which it was made. The Regency can become an exclusive element of your interior, so that it will delight everyone.

Pair of vitrines of the 19th century

Another iconic rare furniture item made of mahogany is the pair of vitrines of the 19th century. In fact, finding two vitrines from that time and in good condition could be a real challenge. Luckily, there is a pair of two vitrines in the collection of rare furniture items.

These vitrines were once made by the most talented craftsmen of Paris. The pair of vitrines was in high demand among affluent French people, so these luxury furnishings were very popular in the 19th century.

Even though the times have passed, the beauty and prestige of vitrines is still valued. These luxurious furnishings would be a great fit for your living room or working cabinet.

Rouge de France marble pedestal of the 18th century

In case you want to make your interior as exclusive as possible, then the solution is to get a pedestal. In particular, a column made of Rouge de France marble is something that will add a note of luxury to your interior. It may not be obvious at first where to place the column, but experienced designers will confirm that it can fit into an eclectic or classic style.

This column is an iconic piece of rare furniture, as it was made from marble quarried only in France. What’s more, all similar columns were handmade by special order for wealthy clients.

Design offices with experience in designing luxury interiors of this kind can help you design a luxurious interior.

Vilea Design is a interior design office that carries out projects in luxury residential and commercial interiors.

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