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December 13, 2021



It takes time and experience to put together a daily wardrobe so that every man can feel good in the clothes he wears. And although not everyone has the right combination of all the elements at once and then puts them together to make a successful outfit, there are rules that simply must be followed.

A man’s wardrobe should never be without a few important classics that make it easier to maintain an impeccable image. These include leather shoes, a white shirt, simple jeans or chinos and a grey or navy jumper. To complete this elaborate ensemble, there should also be jackets, at least one in a single colour, for more serious occasions, and a checked model, which can be worn both to a business meeting and on days when you choose a delicate casual look.

The check blazer can be used to complement any combination of classic clothes and modern trousers in a trendy colour, combined with a looser polo. This type of jacket has become a favourite with the modern gentleman, as well as the elegant and urban chic lover. And what should you know about the check when choosing one for your wardrobe?

Types of checks on men’s jackets. Which one will you choose?

Checks are checks, say most men, who are not used to giving them proper names. And yet it’s worth knowing that not every check is the same, quite the opposite. Over the centuries, a multitude of different types have been created in order to be able to distinguish the pattern on each model. One of the most recognisable patterns would be the Prince of Wales check, or glencheck. It is made up of narrow vertical and horizontal lines that intersect on a fabric interwoven with small pepitas. Glencheck is placed on a subdued background, often e.g. black and white, and overlaid with a large check, the so-called overcheck. Another well-known type of check on a jacket would be tartan, one of the most Scottish patterns imaginable. It is made of regularly spaced, intersecting lines with a rectangular window.

Another interesting type of check would also be windowpane, which is formed by widely spaced, intersecting stripes at right angles.

Already have your favourite? Check out the specific models to see the type of check you’ve chosen on yourself: https://milermenswear.com/kategoria/marynarki.

What to wear with a checked jacket? Choose the right shirt

To make sure you choose a style-perfect set of clothes, go for a shirt that’s a single colour. The rule of thumb is simple: check shirts go best with plain material, without any embellishments. Practically all variants of shirts in one colour work well here: from white to trendy navy blue, as well as an elegant jumper finished in a very simple tone.

Manoeuvre your way to the bottom. For a casual occasion, wear jeans and brown leather shoes, and for a formal meeting, chinos and black shoes. Of course, don’t be too strict with this rule, decide on the final choice based on your jacket.

If you’re still in doubt about which model of checked jacket to choose, we have a little hint for you. As a rule of thumb, light-skinned men are advised to go for subtle and fairly light colours, while dark-skinned men are advised to choose garments of the exact opposite hue. If you need more tips and are looking for expert support, then take a look here: https://milermenswear.com/

You will find lots of valuable advice and fashionable looks on the website.


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