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December 20, 2021



Travelling by plane in first class is a dream for many economy class passengers, especially for those whose legs suffer during a long flight. Who wouldn’t want to lie comfortably in bed during the journey, sipping a drink and staring at a top quality TV screen? Space, tasty food and excellent personal service tempt you to spend more money and join the ranks of the select few. What does a premium class flight give us?

The birth of premium class

As we all know, air travel was originally a luxury adventure only for the wealthy. The first passenger planes made no distinction between first class and economy class. After the Second World War, as the range of passenger aircraft and cabin capacity increased, the civil aviation industry entered the era of universal flight, and the British were the first to propose dividing passenger cabins into classes.

British Airways chief executive Marshall, asked the question, “Why not carve out exclusive cabin space to attract more wealthy people?” So British Airways launched Club Class in its long-haul fleet. Flat seating has become part of the airline industry’s consumer trend. Lying flat is the most basic requirement to transform the flight experience.

What distinguishes premium class

Although first class does not fly faster than economy class, the price is incomparably higher. Many people still don’t understand what premium class is all about. Just because the seats are wider, the in-flight meals are more advanced and the stewardesses are more attentive?

If you don’t feel the specific excitement of flying premium class, you may not understand what you are paying such big money for. Flying is a long and boring thing. In a way, first class cabins fit into the aesthetics of the affluent class. The biggest advantage of first class is of course not just a comfortable seat. Lounging is only the first step, but a very important one. A sense of true tailor-made comfort. The first class cabins of Swiss Airlines and Austrian Airlines, for example, are equipped as standard with an adjustable cushion inflation system that can be flexibly adjusted to the passenger’s body. Even the degree of softness and firmness of the seat can be adjusted independently.

Some win with their thoughtful and meticulous design, such as Lufthansa’s First Class cabin. The German design style, known for its meticulous work, is admired for clearing out storage space. As well as comfort, first class also provides the privacy that wealthy people value. This is extremely important for celebrities and famous people.

What else determines the first class standard

Premium class is not just a difference in seats, from the very beginning of the flight everything is different. For example, the first class VIP room has a separate rest area and even a separate bathroom and a special VIP corridor for boarding.

United Arab Emirates Airlines introduced the ‘suite’ concept in 2003. Each seat has a separate sliding door. Later, other airlines began to follow suit; first class cabins are often semi-open or even completely enclosed. An enclosed cubicle has a complete set of amenities such as a private mini bar, a special dressing table, a wardrobe and other wonders you wouldn’t even think of. Emirates first class looks like a hotel room.

Singapore Airlines introduced the Sky double bed back in 2008. Two independent suites can be combined to create the most spacious bed in the sky.

In addition, personalisation and high-end food and beverage service is of course essential in first class. For foodies, enjoying food at high altitude is a great thing. Every airline has an original chef’s seasonal dish designed specifically for first class cabins. Caviar is standard for first class starters on many airlines. Don’t miss the excellent wines, here you will find the best high-end wines. You must know that at an altitude of 10,000 metres, wines and especially strongly fruity wines will taste better. The most expensive alcohol in the airline industry is undoubtedly the excellent cognac of UAE Airlines, whose unit price exceeds $700 per bottle.

Who is the premium class for

The first class cabin is not just about greater comfort, behind it lies the effect of “luxury”, crossing the barrier of inaccessibility – a symbol of identity and taste, a way of life. Some people fly first class to have the opportunity to talk to the rich and famous.

Does this mean that economy class is not premium? Of course not. The two cabins are based on the needs of different people and reflect the psychological value of different consumers. For example, the owner of IKEA was one of the richest people in Europe and traveled in economy class. The most famous celebrity cabin rumour is that of Bill Gates, who is said to travel only in economy class. Other world-famous rich people, love to fly first class as the clients they meet in first class can provide them with huge business benefits.

On your next flight, consider taking a sky-high suite with a double bed and its own bar. Perhaps premium class is just for you.

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