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January 10, 2022



We have all dreamed about travelling around the world, thinking that we are part of a super secret
organisation, chasing a mystery spy, and more often than not we tend to secretly wish we were the
bad guys. Well dream no more!

Xanadu Luxury Group together with Bond & Specter is proud to present operation, DON’T ASK
DON’T TELL. Over fourteen days, this operation will take guests to seven countries around the world
chasing the infamous British Spy, Mr. Bond. Taking inspiration from the evil organisation within Bond’s
world, guests will become SPECTER Agents and hunt down the British Spy across the moors of
Scotland, to the sand dunes of Egypt and across the snowy mountains in Vienna, this is an
experience that guests will never forget.

As part of becoming an agent at our secret villain organisation SPECTER, guests will be issued their
very own custom SPECTER Rings which are being made by the amazing jeweller The Cut London
and designed by Kate Baxter, the founder. Each ring is unique to the guests. Along with their ring,
guests will also receive their very own Specter watch, enabling them to keep timings when travelling.

This hunt for the British Spy will take our guests around the globe, starting in Scotland, then moving
towards Las Vegas, Nassau, Istanbul, Egypt, Vienna and finishing in London. To ensure that our new
SPECTER Agents get to their destination on time, we have our very own BBJ that will take them
between countries, but also allow them to relax and recharge whilst onboard. Guests will spend
around 48 hours in each city chasing Bond and developing their spy skills along the way. In Las
Vegas, guests will sharpen their shooting and tactical skills, in the Bahamas their diving experience, in
Istanbul, intelligence gathering, in Egypt research skills, in Vienna skiing as well as an evening at the
opera, and in London unfortunately, that is classified.

It is rumoured that two characters from the Bond Franchise will be attending, first is Miranda Frost
(played by Rosamund Pike) and second Dr Christmas Jones (played by Denise Richards). Whether
they make themselves known is a mystery, but guests will have to keep an eye out for them, whether
it is on the stream train that we have chartered from Victoria Station to the closing ball in London. Who
knows, even the real Bond may show up?

When guests arrive in London, guests are expected to attend the SPECTER closing ball which is
being held in the city. Gentlemen will be expected to wear their custom Tuxedo that has been tailored
specifically for this occasion and the ladies will wear their ball gown provided by SPECTER.

The only question left is will our guests catch the British Spy, BOND?

To ensure our SPECTER Agents safety when travelling, Intrepid Protection will be providing security
to our guests, no matter where in the world the journey takes our Agents. As former Commandos,
they have all the necessary training and skills to keep our guests safe.

We are proud to be supporting our Green Initiative partner One Tree Planted through this event. A
total of 42,376 trees will be planted following this event. Once the trees are mature, these trees will
remove 2,034,048 pounds (889,896 kg) of carbon dioxide each year. This will reduce our carbon
footprint dramatically. We will also be holding a private charity auction giving guests the opportunity to
purchase authentic memorabilia from the James Bond Franchise. These amazing pieces of
memorabilia are provided by Back Drop Promotions.

“As a big fan of the James Bond franchise, I wanted to build an adventure inspired by the world of
Bond, an experience that would make our clients and guests feel like they are really chasing the real
Bond, and to do all the crazy things that the British Spy does in the films. Now guests can really
become SPECTER Agents and feel every bit an international spy.” – Khawer Carr, CEO

Tickets are available for £220,000 for Two People/Couple

Ticket covers all aspects of the trip including flights, fuel, meals and local taxes between countries, all
Hotel Accommodations, depending on SPECTER Agency vehicle availability, each couple will be
provided with their own chauffeured car, Hotel and Airport Transfers in each country, all Meals &
Drinks – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, private viewing of Bond film in London, Closing Ball in London,
Opera Performance at Wiener Staatsoper in Vienna, all Excursions at locations i.e. Train Charter,
Skiing, Scuba Diving, Jet Skiing etc

Complimentary Gifts:

His & Her SPECTER Watch and Ring, Men’s bespoke Tuxedo, Ladies Formal Ball Gown

Full itinerary is available on the event website.
Event Website and contact details click here

Company Information
Xanadu Luxury Group specialises in Lifestyle Management + Asset Acquisitions & All Things
Bespoke. As a Group the company has presented its clients with over USD$63 billion in assets
ranging from Real Estate, Hyper & Supercars, Yachting and Aviation. Each year the company
presents on average USD$7 billion worth of assets to its clients. The Group is also the home to The
Keep Club, the very first and only cashback club in the world, allowing its members to receive over
USD$250,000 cash back each year when they purchase or sell assets as a member. All members are
issued their very own Visa Card, allowing them to spend their cash back anywhere in the world that
accepts Visa.

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E: Europe
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