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February 8, 2022



We live in a fast-paced world, such are our times. Our day is filled with business meetings, conferences, lectures, important projects – all on the go, under constant stress. So it is no wonder that we are more and more eager to find those five minutes for ourselves during the day. The best solution to relieve tension, which at the same time helps to improve our condition, is regular visits to the gym. But what if, once again, we are forced to stay at home, or if our working pattern doesn’t allow us to regularly attend classes? It is high time to design a home gym.

A luxurious home gym

Not sure where to start with your home gym project? Rely on professionals who will design for you a place perfect for weight training, fitness or meditation combined with yoga. Who says a recreation area has to be boring?

The gym doesn’t have to be a place you overlook when showing guests around your property. Your own exercise space can be just as elegant and aesthetically pleasing, and should even impress at least as much as the rest of your home. It’s not just the equipment and furnishings themselves that need to be taken care of, but also the proper interior design, which requires careful planning. A luxurious home gym is more than just equipment or a meditation mat. Crossing the threshold of this room, you enter a different world, where you can forget about work and everyday worries, if only for an hour. You are supposed to feel at ease, surrounding yourself with what you like the most – the luxury you deserve. Every moment spent in your home gym should bring you joy and soothe your nerves. Create a place you will not want to leave – with a sauna, swimming pool or jacuzzi.

Luxury home gym equipment

A luxury gym requires professional equipment – if you’re going to sweat, it’s only going to be on the best equipment in its class. The type of equipment will depend on what you want to focus on during your workouts – general fitness, exercise or you’re more hoping for meditation classes, which are meant to relax the mind first, then the body.

Where to place the gym? It is best to designate a separate room intended for workouts already at the stage of designing your residence. A quite popular solution is to locate the equipment for exercises in basements and basements, if we value discretion, or, what we recommend, in a room located “on the surface”, with lots of glazing for admiring mountain/forest/sea views.

What should be included in a home gym? The design of such a room should separate 2 zones – training and recovery. These zones may differ not only in equipment, but also in arrangement. The colour of the surroundings also affects our mood and determination to exercise. Classic minimalist wood or a modern combination of architectural concrete and wood – in such conditions we regenerate faster after training. Go for minimalism: the less, the better. The same applies to equipment – while respecting the space, it is worth choosing multifunctional solutions rather than unnecessarily space-consuming devices dedicated only to a selected activity.

The workout area cannot lack mirrors, thanks to which you can keep track of your work and correct your posture or steps. Luxury gym equipment should not only fulfil its function, but also look beautiful and elegant in the room. Equipment created from a combination of steel and high end wood such as American walnut turns out to be exceptionally exquisite. In a luxury gym you will find dumbbells, for example those with a well-known brand name of… fashion designers, as well as a multifunctional training bench – for lifting weights, performing a series of sit-ups, etc. An equally popular piece of equipment is a professional treadmill or a rowing ergometer combined with a large screen, which will help the runner/ rower get into the exercise training.

For athletes who need a bigger dose of adrenaline, we recommend placing a climbing wall or a boxing ring. The wall can be placed practically all over the room – at various heights and with varying degrees of difficulty. The ring, on the other hand, allows you to get rid of negative emotions after a hard day – with a trainer or punching bag.

he relaxation area is a place intended for calming and “recharging the batteries”. It can be a Finnish sauna, a Turkish sauna or a Jacuzzi. A swimming pool is also a great idea, preferably equipped with water spouts and counter-currents. The pool can be partially covered (e.g. in the basement or under the roof of the residence) or it can extend beyond the building. The pool can also be located on a high floor with a glass floor and, for example, a living room under the glass bottom of the pool. The walls should be sufficiently soundproofed so that nothing distracts you from the outside during your relaxing meditation. Of course there should be a changing room and a shower or bath.

Exclusive and functional home gyms

The above suggestions will undoubtedly meet the expectations of even the most demanding people. The highest quality of workmanship, advanced technologies, elegant appearance and practicality of the equipment will make you never want to go to a traditional gym again. The home relaxation area will keep you fit and give you something no other gym can offer – peace and quiet, in elegant surroundings and the style you love. You can work out at home, at any convenient time, without the pressure and stares of curious people.

Marek Larson, Luxury Boutique magazine 


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