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April 13, 2022

A premium backyard wine cellar – luxury wine storage inspiration

A premium backyard wine cellar – luxury wine storage inspiration

“Life is too short to drink average wines” (J.W. von Goethe). Every wine enthusiast knows well that there is no better feeling than a glass of good wine at the end of the day, of course consumed in the right company. The place where we enjoy the taste of wine can have a decisive influence on the overall aesthetic and taste experience. An exceptional beverage deserves an exceptional setting. Looking for an idea for displaying your wine collection? Be inspired by the finest, luxurious designs for home wine cellars.

What conditions does wine need?

Wine collecting is becoming a growing trend. As we grow older, our taste and outlook on life change – we find pleasure in savouring good quality spirits, which are mainly associated with luxury and the upper class. Wine is to the soul what water is to the body (Mario Soldati).

Some people collect wine for tasting purposes, in order to open their senses to the different dimensions of wine, so that the consumption of this drink takes us to another level of satisfaction. For others, wine is treated as an investment – to acquire alcohol that is difficult to find or produced in limited quantities, so that it appreciates in value over time. Regardless of the purpose, it is worth taking care to ensure appropriate storage conditions for wine so that it does not lose its qualities.

How to store wine?

– Store bottles away from the sun.
– Wine should be aged – stored horizontally.
– Remember about a constant storage temperature (depending on the type of wine 6-180C) and humidity (preferably 85%).
– Stable ground and furniture.

For collecting wine, home wine cellars are ideal. They have the advantage of adequate shade, a stable temperature and a stable floor which reduces possible vibrations to a minimum.

Premium wine cellars – tasting in luxury conditions

Where can you get ideas for designing a luxurious wine cellar at home – of course based on ready-made realisations of the finest designs? You can design your home wine cellar as you wish, depending on the interior style you prefer. You can model this kind of room on classic French vineyards or create a modern, even futuristic look.

When designing a wine cellar at home, you should of course focus on providing the right conditions for storing the spirits. But equally important is the environment and development of a comfortable space for wine tasting. We choose an intimate, cosy place. “True connoisseurs do not drink wine – they taste the secrets”. (Salvador Dali). If we prefer to celebrate these moments in a larger group, the interior design should include an appropriate number of seats and a piece of solid tabletop or table. The time spent tasting should provide an additional aesthetic experience, which will transport us to the comfort zone while enjoying our favourite wine.

Luxurious wine cellar in classic style

Classic style backyard wine cellars create a unique design setting. The design mainly uses the natural beauty of red or grey bricks, with an atmosphere reminiscent of old French vineyards. Wine racks should be made of solid and durable wood. Please note that not all wines require horizontal ageing.

Wine cellar in a modern version

A modernist or even industrial style can also dominate in a home wine cellar. In this case the focus is on combining wood with metal, minimalism or selecting accessories in fanciful, futuristic shapes or of non-standard construction. When designing, you focus on white, muted greys or black, introducing contrasting accessories in intense colours.

A rather interesting and innovative solution is to place a wine cellar in the floor of the living room. These are so-called hollow cellars. You place a spiral staircase around which bottles of wine are arranged on the wall. The opening to the cellar is made of tempered glass – from any place in the living room you can see the unusual “storeroom”, you can freely walk on the glass. The interior of the cellar has a separate ventilation system. A solution worthy of a film with 007 in the lead role – like a secret room with a treasure (wine) carefully guarded by its owners.

How to have a cellar if there is no basement

Did your house project not include a cellar? No problem! There are alternative solutions available on the market for wine connoisseurs who dream of having their own wine cellar, but for various reasons cannot have it in the traditional form. We are talking about luxury garden cellars made of laminate. You can order a ready-made room that you bury in the ground – a cellar, a larder, a dugout. The manufacturer is able to design the interior according to your expectations. There will be space for wine storage, a table, armchairs or a relaxation area – all available in a premium version so that the wine cellar does not differ in style and class from the classic, homely and luxurious ones. The cost of building such a garden cellar starts at $ 9 thousand in the basic version. The most expensive package oscillates around $ 50 thousand.

An alternative to the lack of a basement is the possibility to use the available free space in the house. A separate room can be used for this purpose, which can be suitably equipped and adapted. However, if you want to enjoy the view of your private wine collection on a daily basis, you should install special wine coolers in a shaded part of the house. The tasting area can be separated by a darkened/smoked or anti-reflective glass. Remember to limit contact with sunlight and use lighting that does not generate heat (e.g. LED bulbs).


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