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May 13, 2022



In the opinion of art historians, the Zamoyski Palace in Jabłonie (Lubelskie Province, Parczewski County) is one of the three most beautiful neo-Gothic palaces located in the former Polish Republic.

The project of the palace was probably created in the Vienna design studio Fellner & Helmer. The palace was built in the years 1904-1905 by Count Tomasz Zamoyski, and then inherited by his son, the outstanding Polish sculptor August Zamoyski (his first works were created in the winter garden belonging to the palace).

The Zamoyski Palace in Jabłoń is offered for sale by the Vilea Property Boutique agency, which is an incredible treat for investors looking for exceptional real estate with history.

The palace complex consists of:

– a historic entrance gate with a cordege (watchtower)
– neo-gothic palace (4500 m²) surrounded by park and meadows (111 191 m²)
– dormitory (936 m²) located on a 2817 m² plot
– stables (2000 m²) on a green area (30,796 m²)
– dryers (2,500 m²) located on a plot of land (11,906 m²)
– winter garden with preserved stucco decorations
– private chapel of the Zamoyski family with restored stained glass windows

Architecture of Zamoyski Palace in Jablonowo

The residence refers in style to English architecture from the turn of the late Gothic and early Renaissance (16th century). It is a two-storey building with a residential attic (the third storey), built on the plan of an elongated rectangle with a representative, impressive staircase, impressive wooden elements and rich stuccoed ceiling and ceiling tiles. At the back of the palace there is an exit to the terrace and stairs to the garden.

The historic elements of the palace have been mostly restored by the present owners. Both the roofing, the façade and all the copper elements have been renovated in recent years.
The palace is spacious enough to accommodate 30 flats. The dormitory building to the left of the palace can be adapted into another wing and create about 25 rooms.

The Palace is located 170 km from the centre of Warsaw, 75 km from Lublin and 195 km from Janów. The nearest airport is in Lublin, and it takes about an hour to get there.

The palace complex is ideal for a private residence, hotel, SPA or conference centre.

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