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August 6, 2022

Review of the Calilo hotel on the island of IOS – a journey to a paradise on Earth

Review of the Calilo hotel on the island of IOS – a journey to a paradise on Earth

Greece is one of the favourite holiday destinations. No wonder – it is a remarkable, picturesque country with a rich history. However, some places are unique even for Hellada. One of these is the Calilo Hotel on the island of IOS, which I went to in July this year.

This hotel is located in the village of Manganari, on an enchanting island surrounded by majestic cliffs. It is a place of special historical interest. This is because Calilo is only 40 minutes from Skarkos, one of the oldest villages in the world. This then unspoilt area was visited thousands of years ago by some of the first human settlers in Europe.

Historical accounts of the ancient village are not the only treat for lovers of the history and culture of ancient Hellada. It is said that Homer, one of the greatest poets of all time, lived on the IOS. Although civilisation has flourished there for thousands of years, we can still admire the unspoilt beauty of nature.

Hearing the legends of the region shrouded in mist, I couldn’t wait to finally arrive at the Calilo Hotel on the island of IOS. When the awaited day arrived and I flew into Greece, my first good impression was already at the airport. A bus provided by the hotel was waiting for me there. The journey there proved to be very comfortable. It allowed me to admire the amazing landscape along the way.

The bus drove over rough terrain until it finally drove up a hill. There, well above the hotel, was an entrance gate leading to it. This provided additional security. The employee guarding the gate also took care of this. Every potential guest was subjected to a thorough security check. On the one hand, this was a bit of a nuisance, on the other hand, it guaranteed a safe stay.

Swimming pool, spa and much more

After the inspection, the bus drove down until it arrived outside the hotel itself. I walked out to the car park, where the concierge was immediately waiting and invited us for a detailed tour of the hotel. At the start of it, we walked through an amazing corridor. It made me think of a cave with a stream of water. By the sides of the corridor were sculptures of futuristic figures. Afterwards, a courteous member of staff showed us around the nooks and crannies of the building, explained how to get around and exactly which services were worth using and when.

Among other things, the concierge informed us that there were many interesting attractions on the premises, including a spa salon. He also added that hotel guests are provided with an outdoor swimming pool. Furthermore, he pointed out that motorists can easily park in the hotel’s free car park. A fitness centre is also an important feature.

The concierge also told us about the wellness offer, which is the jewel of the hotel. Here, guests can enjoy a head massage, couples’ massage and hand massage. In addition, they can enjoy a nourishing caviar therapy using provitamins; a black face mask to remove dead cells, and an anti-ageing facial therapy. In addition, among the treatments available at the hotel’s spa, you can choose between a traditional Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage and a hot stone massage.

After the guided tour, the concierge bid us farewell and wished us a good stay. He stressed that we could count on his services at any time. He kept his word. His workspace located in the main lobby was open 24 hours a day.

Then it was time to make ourselves comfortable in our room. I was also in awe of its decor. The finishings appeared to have been perfected down to the smallest detail. The hotel offers different types of rooms. The one that appealed to me was the one with a large terrace, a bed for relaxation and a huge bath in which several people can spend time. Amenities in each room include a desk, kettle, safe, minibar and flat-screen TV. The room was decorated luxuriously, with walls lined with stone; however, the décor can be considered controversial and certainly may not appeal to everyone. The disadvantage of my room was the not very attractive view from the window, but in many other suites the view is captivating.

Palate pleasures

The next day it was time to enjoy the meals. These turned out to be faultless. I have particularly fond memories of the breakfasts. During them I had a choice of an abundance of European and local dishes. If you would like to eat out and enjoy the special atmosphere of the place, the hotel restaurant awaits you. It makes available a range of dishes and a wide selection of spirits.

The latter can also be enjoyed in the hotel bar, which is popular with hotel guests. It is very atmospheric and guests go there to enjoy the cocktails prepared by the bartender.

Sunshine and wonderful service

On holiday in Greece, however, one flies mainly to experience the local sunny climate and to enjoy the body-warming rays of the sun. This was all made possible by the private sandy beach located in a secluded spot close to the hotel and, like the hotel, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In this seclusion, I was able to breathe fully, as the air turned out to be crystal clear. Whenever I needed anything, the wait staff was at my disposal. It is worth mentioning that the beach is equipped with cabanas and sun loungers.

Sometimes the joy of experiencing the wonders of nature and enjoying the luxuries can be spoilt by people. Here, the service cannot be faulted, although sometimes I would like to walk down the corridor in peace without being constantly asked if I need anything.  I have already mentioned the concierge. The rest of the staff were also very friendly, polite and always willing to help.

It is also worth noting that, for those for whom all this is not enough, the hotel also offers – at an extra cost – some special services. One of these is a helicopter transfer. This one can take guests to the hotel from the airports of Athens, Mykonos or Santorini or other places within range. Another special attraction is a boat trip. This can take guests to the islands of Santorini, Amorgos, where there is a monastery, and Milos with its magnificent beaches and scenery.

In conclusion, the attraction of the hotel is the hotel itself. Its design is very specific and certainly unique. Whether or not this design is to your liking, you should definitely visit the hotel to form your own opinion; I particularly remember the service and the unique atmosphere of luxury. This is all thanks to the extraordinary Greek hospitality, nature and relaxing environment. Staying at the Hotel Calilo in Greece on the island of IOS is an experience I will not forget for a long time.

Adrian Kolodziej

Editor in Chief; Luxury Boutique

Instagram / #Luxuryboutiquemagazine

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