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December 17, 2022



Christmas is just a week away.

There is just one fundamental principle that applies regardless of whether you are someone who plans gifts or waits until the last minute: the attempt to get the proper gift for your loved ones. We all want to get the best gifts for our family, best friends, and partners—those who mean the world to us.

The phrase “a present must always be given” is true, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be pricey, time-consuming, or luxurious. You can make simple gifts look luxurious if you invest time in them. There are some things to consider before deciding to buy a luxury gift.

What Makes a Suitable Luxury Gift?

Choosing the appropriate present is not always simple. You probably want it to be practical and custom-made. It must appeal to the tastes of the recipients, and we must refrain from imposing our preferences.

It is also necessary to know how to proportion it to the occasion, to the degree of friendship, of closeness we have with the person for whom the present is intended. And then to think about our finances, if we have enough budget to buy the gift we want.

Giving gifts that are too expensive isn’t even classy because you run the risk of making the recipient look bad if they feel that they have to return the favor.

A crucial factor is that the present, for which you can get inspiration from GiftExperts, is offered sincerely and not only out of obligation. A gift of this nature, nevertheless, can only be given to people who are sufficiently confident. You cannot give a luxury gift to a person who wants to get you something similar but cannot afford it. This will only create problems in the relationship with that person.

Determine the Level of Intimacy

The more intimate your relationship is with someone, the more money you feel like you have to spend on a more unique, creative, special, and luxurious gift. You want them to feel loved and appreciated.

In general, it is advisable to avoid giving furniture, electronics, or something similar, but if your mother needs an expensive vacuum, then why not? An expensive, elegant vacuum is considered a luxury gift as well.

The general guideline is that it’s best to stick with a generic present the less we know about the person. Avoid giving gifts that are excessively bizarre or unusual, such as handcrafted lamps or vivid prints.

It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Original

Avoid giving gifts that are excessively unique or odd. It doesn’t necessarily follow that what makes you happy will likewise make the recipient happy. Always try to imagine yourself in the other person’s position.

Give more normal gifts to people who lack confidence. Examples include luxury dinner sets, bottles, etc., possibly the least personality-driven gifts.

As previously stated, you have greater financial freedom and access to a wider range of gifts the more intimately connected you are with someone.

You Need To Previously Agree on Expensive Gifts

When giving gifts of great value, it is best to coordinate them with the recipient to avoid ruining the surprise.

To give you a simple example: Let’s say that for months, you’ve been looking at an expensive bag in red color and you’ve been dreaming about having it. A close family member found out that you want the bag, but they do not know that you specifically want it in red.

So, they decided that they wanted to surprise you and buy the bag in orange. You do like the bag, and you are happy with the gift you received, it is just that you wanted it to be red. Without coordination and agreement, there’s a chance that the recipient will be disappointed or will feel uncomfortable asking for a change or keeping something they don’t enjoy.

Giving is an art, and it requires good taste, common sense, simplicity, and compassion, as well as a vigilant eye out for style. Even how a present is given has its customs.

The gift must be a representation of our feelings for the recipient and not cause them any discomfort.

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