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March 26, 2023

Photographs taken with an IPhone. Art through the lens of Axel Morin’s Iphone.

Photographs taken with an IPhone. Art through the lens of Axel Morin’s Iphone.

Axel Morin is a French artist and photographer for whom the iPhone camera is like a “brush for the painter.” The iPhone’s versatility is a new starting point for creative expression. In turn, the multitude of available features opens up endless creative possibilities. “The iPhone is lightweight and fits in the hand,” says Morin. “It is perfect for capturing every moment in its authentic form. It’s also the best tool for experimenting with images.”

This month, Morin will present photographs he has taken with the iPhone over the years. “GSM” is Morin’s first exhibition since the release of a printed album in newspaper form of the same title in 2021. The photography exhibition will be enhanced by sound and visual elements. Visitors to the 3567 Cultural Center in Paris will thus discover Morin’s world in different dimensions – from his inspiration to the emotions the artist expressed in each photo.

While the first iPhone, launched in 2007, was equipped with a 2 MP rear camera, the iPhone 14 Pro uses a state-of-the-art 48 MP camera. There is no denying that the art of iPhone photography has come a long way. The iPhone allows photographers to capture various aspects of life as they see and remember them. This is helped by continuous improvements in color-reflective technology, computational photography features such as Night Mode and Portrait Mode, and the ultra-wide-angle camera on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro, which is ideal for macro photography.

The opening of the exhibition and the creative development owed to the iPhone prompted Morin to offer some thoughts on his most spectacular photographs.

Florence, Italy

Imperfections often hide exceptional beauty. I took this photo in Florence at a print shop, in the middle of a stormy day. The blur effect was created by the reflection of a passerby in a metal plate. I was fascinated by the poetic nature of the silhouette reminiscent of a soul. The camera showed a wandering spirit, which fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the whole place. I couldn’t resist those warm colors, either. As you can see, the iPhone 14 Pro produces remarkably clear images, as evidenced by the textures and colors of this photograph. Many of the photos featured in the “GSM” exhibition were taken in motion. It’s not me moving, but the world around me. The camera, with its 24mm lens, allows me to capture a sharp image while still retaining elements that emphasize its dynamism – whether we’re talking about a figure passing by outside the window, or reflections prancing on the wall.

Paris, France

I like to test the versatility of the iPhone’s ultra-wide-angle camera. It allows me to capture both the smallest details and the largest objects, so as to show the contrast of the cityscape. An image is first and foremost a story – captured and immortalized – that represents a moment of reflection on the everyday life around us. Photography reveals a moment of truth in which the smallest details merge into emotion.

Paris, France

I often find inspiration in opposites. The wall is a finite structure that prevents any organic matter from entering. The light reflections, on the other hand, resemble a portal to another world. The elegant yet frivolous shape sparked my imagination and set off a chain of associations.

New York, USA

New York has something extremely electrifying about it. You can feel it all over the city. That night a strong wind was blowing, everyone was rushing somewhere, and there was this invisible power floating everywhere. I took out my iPhone and flicked my wrist. This created a unique effect of passing lights. The wandering lines perfectly reflect the striking atmosphere of the entire city. When working with the iPhone, I like to use Night Mode. Night photography is technically difficult – it requires time and precision. The theme of the “GSM” exhibition is spontaneity. Therefore, it’s great that I have a convenient tool to capture the beauty of the city at night.

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