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April 7, 2023

Adrian Kołodziej of Luxury Boutique interviews Alda Filipe of Palmares Ocean Living & Golf in the Algarve

Adrian Kołodziej of Luxury Boutique interviews Alda Filipe of Palmares Ocean Living & Golf in the Algarve

Palmares Ocean Living & Golf is a luxury resort in Portugal’s Algarve. With homes for sale, a boutique hotel, a 27-hole golf course and an on-site Michelin Star restaurant – Al Sud – the resort has attracted significant international attention. We sat down with Kronos Homes Sales and Marketing Director Alda Filipe to find out more.

Al Sud has just announced a new menu for summer 2023. Please can you share the inspiration behind that?

The new menu is all about celebrating the very best flavours of the Algarve. Our Executive Chef, Louis Anjos, is passionate about the local area’s culinary offering. His goal is to tell a story through products from the Algarve, blending creativity with very traditional flavours. The result is incredible – we offer a menu of ten ‘moments’ that take diners on a real gastronomic journey.

One of my personal favourites from the new menu is the tuna with oysters from the Alvor estuary. Al Sud’s terrace overlooks the estuary, so there’s a lovely sense of balance with the natural environment. That flows throughout the menu – it’s a real joy to experience the innovation that Chef Anjos and his team bring to local flavours. The duck with foie gras, orange and carolino rice from Portugal’s Vale do Sado is another great example of this. And the Algarve almond dessert with muscatel and rosemary is just outstanding.

One fascinating aspect about Palmares is the way the resort balances architecture and nature. How do you achieve that?

It has been a key focus for us with everything we’ve built, from the clubhouse to the individual homes available for purchase at Palmares. It’s all about achieving harmony between the ocean, the golf course, the surrounding greenery and the built environment.

The team at RCR Arquitectes has been superb in helping us to achieve this. There are strict requirements in place in terms of construction density, height restrictions and more. The team has also been extremely attentive about building in line with the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) sustainability accreditation framework. You can see that in everything from daylight exposure and water-saving measures to the use of natural, responsibly sourced materials during the construction process.

Colours and textures also reflect the beauty of the natural environment as well, both within the homes and without. From the rich clay colouring of the insulated Stucco finish on the Signature Apartments to the stone baseboards of the floor, harmony with nature has been a top priority.

Why do you think that Palmares Ocean Living and Golf has attracted such an international clientele?

We now have owners at Palmares from all over the world, including owners from here in Portugal, from northern Europe and from as far afield as the US and Canada. I think the luxury focus at Palmares is a major part of the appeal, as is the serenity of the setting. Our owners can truly escape the hustle and bustle of daily life here, forgetting their cares and focusing on their wellbeing.

The 27-hole golf course at Palmares is also very popular with our international owners. It was designed by renowned American architect Robert Trent Jones Jr, with an exceptional blend of challenging terrain and stunning views. It’s a lovely way to keep fit while enjoying a healthy dose of sunshine and nature. Of course, having an on-site Michelin star restaurant is also a major attraction.

The ease with which people can access the Algarve has also helped many travellers from abroad to discover the region for the first time. You can fly here directly from such a wide range of destinations now or fly into Lisbon and then drive down to the Algarve – that’s a really pretty drive through the rolling lands of the Alentejo.

Speaking of Portugal becoming more accessible, is it possible to fly to the Algarve directly from Poland?

Yes, absolutely. You can fly directly from Warsaw to Faro, which is the Algarve’s main airport. Faro is well-located for accessing all of the Algarve. Palmares Ocean Living and Golf is about an hour to the west of the airport, while if you travel for about the same time eastward, you can reach the border with Spain.

Many people who visit the Algarve for the first time are surprised by how much there is to do here. Portugal is about far more than beaches! From art and sand sculpture exhibitions to challenging walks up into the mountains, there is a huge amount to discover in the Algarve.

What property options do buyers have if they want a second home at Palmares Ocean Living and Golf?

The resort has something for everyone in terms of the properties on offer. Our Signature Apartments have proven very popular. We have two- and three-bedroom apartments available, with exceptional views over the Alvor estuary and Meia Praia, which is the largest beach in the Lagos area.

The Signature Apartments cost from €600,000, while plots for bespoke villas are priced from €1.25 million. All homes are built in harmony with nature, with a focus on the tranquillity of the setting and on preserving views. We include annual golf membership for two people with the purchase of every home as well.

Finally, do you think second home buyers’ expectations are changing when it comes to owning property in Portugal?

Definitely. Many more people are discovering Portugal as a luxury travel destination. The Algarve, in particular, manages to blend a family holiday offering with a range of luxurious amenities and attractions. The fact that our on-site Michelin Star restaurant has gone down so well with holidaymakers is a good example of that. A visit to the Algarve isn’t just about accessing beaches and charming towns anymore. Yes, those are still fabulous things to do here, but buyers are now also seeking something more, which is of course what Palmares delivers!

For more information about Palmares Ocean Living & Golf, please email realestate@palmaresresort.com, call (+351) 917 766 932 or visit https://palmaresliving.com/

Exclusively for Luxury Boutique Magazine. Interviewed by Adrian Kolodziej.


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