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September 20, 2023



On September 14, we had the pleasure of participating in a unique event. The “Dining with nature” event, organized by luxury garden kitchen manufacturer CANA, took place at Agnieszka and Wojciech Modest Amaro’s Forgotten Fields Farm in Debowka, near Warsaw. Luxury Boutique was among the opinionated media covering lifestyle, design, architecture and, of course, culinary topics. Guests at the event had the opportunity to savor Chef Amaro’s unconventional offerings prepared on CANA garden kitchens, and the whole feast took place in a natural setting. It couldn’t be otherwise, by the way, because CANA kitchens are designed to operate outdoors and not only in the summer season, but even in winter, hence the event’s slogan “with us summer lasts all year round.” The idea of outdoor living & cooking, i.e. a lifestyle combining cooking and spending time together in nature, was the leitmotif, as well as the bond between CANA and Wojciech Modest Amaro’s kitchens. Aesthetics were also an important motif, which included the sophisticated design of CANA’s garden kitchens, the art of serving Chef Amaro’s specialties, and the natural beauty of Forgotten Fields Farm, from which came the seasonal produce used to prepare the dishes. The cooperation between the two “kitchen” brands is just beginning, but as Jaroslaw Goraj, CEO of CANA Concept, and Wojciech Modest Amaro declared – there is a vision, a shared passion and ideas for the future.

CANA – Polish luxury brand for export

CANA is the only Polish brand of luxury outdoor kitchens. There is a design office, showroom and atelier in Krakow, where real masterpieces designed according to individual designs and tastes are created. More customers from abroad are joining the ranks of CANA kitchen users, and CANA is able to win over European competitors in countries such as England and France, and not because of price, but because of quality and design.

Our vision is for the CANA brand to be not only a source of pride for the entire team, but also a showcase for Poland abroad. We operate in the luxury goods market, where the bar is set extremely high. However, we believe that with the right strategy and its consistent implementation, we are able to build a strong brand that will be an inspiration for other Polish companies in the field of design and craft production.

CANA – business development through innovation

We would like to prove that innovation is not only the domain of high-tech industries, but can also occur in customized craft production. We have implemented product innovations including design solutions that affect quality, aesthetics and design flexibility.

We are also planning process innovations, that is, we want to preserve the uniqueness of the products resulting from artisanal production, while applying automation and a systems approach. What’s more, we are working to provide our customers and partners with a unique brand experience through unconventional and customized service and marketing solutions. Innovation is embedded in the DNA of the CANA brand.

Four seasons with CANA outdoor kitchens

CANA kitchens are designed to operate outdoors even in extreme weather conditions. They are resistant to rain, frost and UV radiation. High-grade stainless steel, natural quartz sinters or boat-building plywood are examples of carefully selected materials that make CANA kitchens ideal for fully functional use not only in summer, but also in winter. The idea of creating a garden kitchen that “lives” four seasons is embedded in the history and genesis of the CANA brand.

Modern technologies and craftsmanship of master craftsmen of CANA

CANA garden kitchens are a design thought out from start to finish. From the design, to the selection of materials, to the craftsmanship production. Monolithic stainless steel modules and natural quartz sinters are the result of the latest technology.

In turn, the precise finishing of every smallest detail of the kitchen is the fruit of the craftsmanship and experience of CANA’s master craftsmen at the final stage of production. Steel or wooden components undergo multiple refining processes, which at the end results in the effect of craftsmanship of the highest order.

Comfort like home and equipment from leading brands

Associated with the idea of outdoor cooking is the challenge of bringing a fully functional home kitchen to the outdoors. This is reflected in the equipment and solutions used in CANA outdoor kitchens. Gas and electric grills, an induction cooktop, a wine rack or a fully functional sink, as well as numerous amenities, allow you to fully enjoy cooking and being in the garden or on the terrace.

CANA garden kitchens are equipped with the latest appliances from the world’s leading Italian, American, German brands. Striving for design consistency, we have chosen not only models of the highest quality, durability and working efficiency, but also with classic, elegant design and subtle manipulators, which perfectly fit into the aesthetics and style of CANA kitchens.

Countertops in CANA kitchens – remarkable design, 100% natural and safe

Countertops in CANA garden kitchens are made of selected Italian and Spanish quartz sinters, which are characterized by diverse and original designs. This allows us to match them to gardens or terraces of different styles. Sinter patterns can take on the character of natural stone, metal or countless shades of architectural concrete.

Quartz sinters are resistant to scratching and discoloration and extreme weather conditions. They are formed from natural minerals and are not affected by moisture and water. All this makes sinters ideal for use in contact with food, even at extremely high temperatures.


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