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November 26, 2023

Boguslaw Barnaś’s Grotto House from BXB Studio in the finals of the World Architecture Festival in Singapore

Boguslaw Barnaś’s Grotto House from BXB Studio in the finals of the World Architecture Festival in Singapore

As a confirmation of Poland’s architectural brilliance and innovation, Boguslaw Barnaś’s House with Grotto from BXB Studio has been selected as the only house from our country for the finals of the World Architecture Festival 2023 (#WAF23) in Singapore. This is an extraordinary honor for a project that stands out as one of the most intelligent, ecological, innovative and structurally and technologically complex houses designed by BXB Studio, according to Boguslaw Barnaś himself.

Together with Wienerberger and Multiko, BXB Studio will compete for the title of world’s best building at the WAF 2023 finals.

The mystery of the House with a Grotto

Why did the House with a Grotto make it to the finals of the World Architecture Festival as the only house from Poland? Here are some fascinating facts about this unique project:

1. Inspiration from the Wawel Dragon:

The Grotto House draws its inspiration from the legend of the Wawel Dragon. Located adjacent to the Wolski Forest and designed on a plot overgrown with ferns, this building combines modern design with the atmosphere of the legend of the Wawel Dragon and the idea of ecological and sustainable architecture.

2. Two Gardens:

The Grotto House was planned with two gardens in mind – one in the Grotto under the building and another on the roof, which resembles a waving meadow.

3. Dragon Facade and Dragon’s Eye:

The building’s facade is clad in parametrically molded brick that resembles dragon scales. The Wienerberger ceramics used in the design also draws on the tradition of Krakow, where brick has shaped many historic buildings. The design includes not only panoramic glazing, but also a surreal glazed pool, reminiscent of the remarkable Dragon’s Eye.

4. Innovative Entrance Portal:

The designer proposed an unusual entrance portal, inspired by the traditions of forming the entrance area of a building. This portal not only performs representative functions, but also plays additional roles, such as forming a forest garden, roofing the entrance zone, and using air circulation through an external chimney to ventilate the building.

5. Ventilation Chimney:

The distinctive ventilation chimney on the façade, dubbed the “chimney of the wavy façade,” serves many functions, including protection from the sun’s rays and supporting the building’s natural ventilation.

6. View Terrace:

At the top of the building is a viewing terrace that levitates above the meadow, requiring no balustrade while maintaining full safety of use. It is a perfect place to enjoy the panorama of Krakow.

7. Intimate Chalets:

The design takes into account the living area of the house, which is dominated by modern, glazed interiors, and the first floor, where the spaces resemble cozy cottages with gabled roof vaults.

8. Daylight in the Basement:

The house is equipped with an elevator that communicates all above- and below-ground levels. Interestingly, the architects brought daylight to the underground floors through specially formed, glazed light wells.

9. Green Innovations:

The project uses the latest smart systems, ensuring optimal energy efficiency combined with respect for the environment. Solutions such as geothermal, rainwater utilization, heat pumps, natural ventilation and solar energy have been used.

10. Innovative Access:

The project involves the use of a tunnel that leads to the interior of the building, providing optimal communication on a steep slope and eliminating driveway problems. This innovative solution also allowed for more green space on the plot.

11. Biophilic Design and Local Tradition:

The Grotto House is a combination of modern design and eco elements that are inextricably linked. The design also references local tradition and sustainable principles.

12. World Architecture Festival:

World Architecture Festival is a prestigious event where architects from all over the world present their projects. Poland is proudly represented by the Grotto House and other outstanding projects. The festival’s finale will take place from November 29 to December 1, 2023 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The House with a Grotto by Boguslaw Barnaś of BXB Studio is a project that combines creativity, innovation and ecology, providing a worthy representative of Polish architectural excellence in the global forum. In the finals of the World Architecture Festival in Singapore, we will keep our fingers crossed for this unique house, which may win the title of the world’s best building.

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