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December 14, 2023



On a December night, at the invitation of Maciej Zień, we were guests at a wonderful event that will long be remembered.

Magic spread through the halls of the Grand Theatre – National Opera, where Maciej Zień celebrated 25 years of his work. The “Black and White Symphony” show was not just a fashion parade, but an artistic spectacle in which every element – from the stage design to the music – created an unforgettable symphony of elegance.

Maciej Zień, known for his classic aesthetics combined with a light-hearted approach to fashion, presented a collection that is the quintessence of his design philosophy. Over a thousand guests had the pleasure of attending this unique event, becoming part of the history of Polish fashion. The creations on the catwalk, which were dominated by black and white, proved that classics can be dynamic and multidimensional. The only colourful accent in this monochromatic palette was the red creation, symbolising the desire to play and experiment.

Maciej Zień emphasised that fashion should be entertainment and a way to express personality. This approach can be seen in every stitch and line of his creations, which not only reflect the character of the woman wearing them, but are also in harmony with her, like notes in a well-composed piece of music.

The show was also a star-studded spectacle – well-known personalities of Polish cinema and television appeared on the catwalk and among the audience, dressed in Zień’s creations, which added even more glamour to the event. Katarzyna Sokołowska was responsible for the direction and choreography, and the stylings were prepared by Agnieszka Ścibor.

Collaboration with renowned brands such as Savicki, known for its selection of precious stones and diamonds, and the Tubądzin Group, combining elegance with the pursuit of perfection, only emphasised the luxurious nature of the collection. The wedding dress, which was the culmination of the show, was a true work of art, highlighted by magnificent jewels.

“Black and White Symphony” is also a dialogue with modern technology – a collaboration with the brand Motorola allowed for a set design that was as striking as the show itself. And brands such as Perwoll, highlighting the idea of sustainable fashion, heralded the direction in which the future of design is heading.

The extraordinary quality was topped off with perfectly fitting make-up and hairstyles, thanks to specialists from AA brands Wings of Color and SYOSS, whose work allowed the models to shine on the catwalk. And all this surrounded by set design by Jacquelin Sobiszewski, with animations by Grzegorz Dorochowicz and music by Tomasz Butowt, creating an atmosphere that transported the guests into a completely different dimension.

Thanks to the support of such a team – both in front of and behind the scenes – the ‘Black and White Symphony’ was not just a fashion show, but a true celebration of beauty and creative passion. This event not only reflects 25 years of Maciej Zień’s work, but also opens a new chapter in his career, in which fashion becomes a symphony – sometimes romantic, other times predatory, but always unforgettable.


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