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January 6, 2024

Behind the wheel of the Rolls-Royce Ghost: Excellence in every detail

Behind the wheel of the Rolls-Royce Ghost: Excellence in every detail

The opportunity to drive a car like the Rolls-Royce Ghost is quite a treat for any luxury automotive enthusiast. It’s a remarkable car that reflects decades of excellence, luxury and constant innovation in automobiles. Let me take you on a fascinating journey through the philosophy, engineering and unique design of this amazing vehicle.

Ghost’s background and history

The Ghost’s history dates back to 2009, when Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveiled the model at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Ghost was created as a more compact alternative to the brand’s flagship product, the Phantom. This car was intended to attract a new group of customers who were looking for a more modest and minimalist expression of excellence in Rolls-Royce design, engineering and craftsmanship.

During its 10-year life cycle, the first-generation Ghost became the most successful product in the brand’s history. It was what enabled Rolls-Royce to increase production, invest in new technologies and establish itself as a global luxury brand. Production of the first-generation Ghost ended in 2019, and the event was ceremoniously commemorated in the Ghost Zenith collection.

In 2020, the world saw the new generation Ghost, which was built on the same Architecture of Luxury platform as the Phantom, Cullinan and Spectre. Along with the new generation Ghost, Rolls-Royce also introduced Ghost Extended and Black Badge Ghost variants, which gained popularity in 2021.

Ghost’s philosophy and positioning

The Ghost is a study in reduction, minimalism and simplicity. Its purity provides the perfect backdrop for custom Bespoke orders, allowing customers to express their creativity and express their personal tastes almost completely free of technical and aesthetic constraints.

This purity opens up endless possibilities for the owner, inviting them to inject color, energy and vibrancy into their order and allowing the beautiful materials, superior craftsmanship and exceptional details to speak for themselves, subtly and without embellishment.

A new approach to luxury

The Ghost’s design reflects a marked shift in customer attitudes toward luxury since its first generation. Today’s luxury car consumers consciously reject glamour and extravagance. Their tastes are defined by reduction, simplicity and value, and intelligent and thoughtful selection of exceptional materials and craftsmanship is key. For Ghost, every element has meaning, purpose and integrity. This philosophy is the opposite of “premium mediocrity,” a term coined by the fashion industry to describe products that rely on the pretense of luxury through fake accessories and meaningless artistic embellishments.

The Ghost was also designed to appeal to younger customers, often independent and confident, who tend to be self-sufficient and interested in the experience and driving dynamics of their car.

The current Ghost model

Ghost is perfect in its simplicity, but creating this purity of expression was one of the biggest technical challenges the brand faced. The car is equipped with the latest equipment and features, such as:

– LED and laser headlights with a range of more than 600 meters, and a visibility assist system.
– A four-camera system with panoramic views, with full 360-degree visibility and a helicopter view.
– Active cruise control.
– Collision warning, cross-traffic, lane change and lane change warning systems.
– High-resolution 7×3 head-up display.
– Wi-Fi hotspot on board.
– Parking assist.
– Custom navigation and entertainment system.


The Ghost is built on the Architecture of Luxury platform, the same as the Phantom, Cullinan SUV and all-electric Spectre. The flexible and scalable aluminum structure provides excellent acoustics, high rigidity and dynamic handling characteristics. The car is equipped with all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering and the Planar Suspension System, which is specifically designed to deliver the superb quality of the “magic carpet” – a characteristic of the Rolls-Royce brand.

The Ghost’s body is made of 100% aluminum and is uniform, so there are no visible welds. The interior is also filled with sound-absorbing materials, improving acoustic comfort inside the car.

The 6.75-liter V12 Twin-Turbo engine provides the Ghost with impressive power and torque for a dynamic ride. The Ghost is also equipped with the Planar Suspension System, which provides exceptional ride comfort.


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