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March 25, 2024

Geoffrey Parker – The Apex of Handcrafted Luxury Gaming Since 1958

Geoffrey Parker – The Apex of Handcrafted Luxury Gaming Since 1958

Founded in 1958, Geoffrey Parker has climbed to the summit of luxury with its board games, game tables, and premium packaging, recognized globally for our expertly handcrafted leather backgammon boards. For more than six decades, we’ve stood as the first choice for professional players, gaming enthusiasts, and upscale brands alike.

Geoffrey Parker commemorates our eponymous founder, who was propelled by a deep-seated passion for leather and literature into creating miniature leather-bound books. These fine works quickly found their way into high-end boutiques and were sought after by luxury brands like P & O and Cunard, with Richard Dunhill of the famed Dunhill lineage being one of our distinguished clients. It was at his request that Geoffrey Parker first applied its exceptional leather inlay skills to create a chess set, marking a significant moment in our storied history.

Now, under the third generation’s stewardship with Elliot Parker, Geoffrey’s grandson, at the helm, the legacy of Geoffrey Parker continues to thrive. A Geoffrey Parker game is more than an object; it’s a masterpiece of craftsmanship, embodying decades of knowledge in leather inlaying to create the perfect playing surface. As masters of our craft, it’s no wonder that high-end brands consistently choose us to enhance their gaming collections. But our games are more than just beautiful; they are crafted with a dedication to the professional game, meeting the stringent demands of tournaments and competitions.

Every board we craft is carefully designed to competition specifications, incorporating subtle features that guarantee fair play. Take the common issue of biased dice: standard dice, with their uneven weight distribution, can favor certain outcomes. At Geoffrey Parker, we counter this with professionally weighted dice, ensuring each game is played on even terms. Similarly, our dice cups are designed with a unique mechanism to guarantee a random roll, preventing any manipulation of the game’s outcome.

Our collection is designed to suit all tastes, from the seasoned backgammon player to those who enjoy an elegant game night with friends. Almost all our products are made to order, allowing for unparalleled personalization without minimum order requirements. Our team is dedicated to working with you to create custom pieces that reflect your individual style and preferences.

For those looking for immediate luxury, we offer a selection of stock items ready for purchase. While these are available in standard colors, each is crafted with the same painstaking attention to detail and commitment to quality that has been a hallmark of Geoffrey Parker for over six decades.

In addition to our renowned board games, we specialize in bespoke game tables designed to meet our clients’ precise specifications. These tables not only feature our exquisite games but do so in a way that blends seamlessly with elegance and entertainment. Our range includes everything from opulent poker tables to sophisticated backgammon tables, as well as tables that combine classic games with casino favorites, offering something for every connoisseur.

Over our 66-year history, we’ve worked closely with numerous interior designers on exceptional projects. Whether selecting non-flammable materials for use in private jets or choosing colors and materials that complement a home’s décor, our aim is to realize each designer’s vision with unmatched precision and elegance.

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