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December 23, 2021



For many people living in flats, owning a luxury home near the city is something they would happily spend the extra money on. Those living in Warsaw may dream of a luxury home near Warsaw, those in Krakow of a home at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, and residents of foggy London would love to go in search of a home in the south of France or Spain. When thinking of buying a luxury home, choose the location carefully and avoid compromising on this point. You can change the look of your chosen home to a more luxurious one by making a few uncomplicated changes. Learn a few tricks that will give your interior a luxurious look.


7 tricks to make your home look luxurious


Remove excess stuff

The easiest change to make will be to bring the chaos in your interiors under control. Your home will be much nicer if you eliminate the amount of stuff that is in it. Take a walk around your home and try to remove as much as possible. You’ll notice that the step up to an interior design magazine shoot isn’t so big anymore. Find a place for each item. Before you leave an item in plain sight, ask yourself if that’s definitely where it should be.


Decorate your walls with stucco


This is probably the easiest way to make your home more luxurious. It will be a change that is immediately visible and instantly brings a luxurious look to the rooms. It’s a good idea to complement stucco with pretty wall sconces and paintings. Art adds refinement to interiors, but remember to make sure the paintings are authentic, even if they are not works by Monet, Klimt or Munch. We have written about the influence of artwork on luxury property sales here: the impact of artworks on luxury property sales. The use of prints by the great masters is absolutely out of the question.


Invest in details and accessories


Details do so much in a home.  If you count yourself among those who can afford to buy luxury furniture or antiques, you’re in luck. Furniture is a big expense, especially antiques so choose your furniture carefully. We have already written about what to look for when buying antiques in our magazine: how to buy antiques and assess their value.  However, if you can’t afford to buy luxury furniture, you can buy cheaper furniture, instead invest in more expensive details. For example, you can buy nice books, attractive sculpture, good quality cushions and bedspreads. Lighting is hugely important, one quality lamp can do the job. Don’t miss out on buying high end tableware. Even the most luxurious interior will lose its glamour if you serve your guests on poor tableware from the supermarket.


Invest in a tasteful rug


An attractive rug can liven up any dull room. It also has the added benefit of making your room feel warm and cosy. In the shops you will find carpets in patterns to suit interiors of every nature. Turkish style carpets for stylish interiors, minimalist patterns are ideal for more modern interiors. It is worth thinking about combining styles, eclecticism will give the rooms a personal touch. Use this procedure if you already have experience in decorating your property, otherwise it is worth using the services of an interior decorator.


Fresh flowers


Fresh flowers have a beneficial effect on the senses. Their beautiful scent, colour and shape make a room more attractive than anything else. Fresh flowers will never go out of fashion, their presence shows that the homeowner constantly cares about the home. Beautiful flowers alone will not turn a house into a luxurious one, but when properly matched with other elements of the decor, they will be one of the factors influencing the perception of interiors as more neat and luxurious. Nothing makes a home look as fresh and harmonious as plants and fresh flowers. Buy a nice vase and always keep fresh flowers in it. It will make a huge difference.


Refine the look of your bedroom


Creating a luxurious bedroom can be difficult. Invest in a couple of sets of bedding that feels luxurious, but doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Also work with layers when making your bed. Bedspreads and blankets combined with lots of decorative cushions arranged in a controlled disarray will be enough to make your bedroom impressive. Using cosy fabrics for your curtains will also be important. A soft rug or carpet on the floor and a plush bathrobe in the adjoining bathroom will make you feel like a real Hollywood star.


Choosing colours


Finally, one of the most important things, the right choice of wall colours in rooms. As a general rule, bright colours have a positive influence on the perception of interiors. But remember that white walls in every room can make the house look dull and tasteless, which can negate the perception of luxury. Bright colours should be combined with more daring ones and with appropriately selected colours of accessories, which we wrote about above. The use of chrome, gold and silver tones, especially in accessories, lighting and furniture, will certainly add to the impression of a luxurious home.

Don’t be afraid to make your dreams come true, even if they seem unrealistic. The dream of a house near London, Marbella or Paris or the dream of a luxury house for sale near Warsaw may be difficult to realise simply because of the limited availability of suitable offers. In this case, a real estate agency specializing in the luxury segment will come to your rescue. Agencies such as Vilea Property Boutique, for example, employ advisors who are familiar with luxury properties, and the portfolio of such an agency includes offers ranging from the more affordable to the very expensive available to the most affluent.


Marek Larson, Luxury Boutique magazine


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